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What type of Writer are you?

I was asked recently for a bit of creative writing advice. I wouldn't consider myself an expert since I'm still learning, and I always will be. There's always something new to learn with writing, or hone as much as you can. Then when you think you've gotten it, it's like you level up and you start all over again! But that's good... in my opinion, that's how it should be and when you stop learning, well... So… I'm going to talk a little bit about types of writers. I personally am a combination. I am half plotter and half panster (this type is sometimes called a discovery writer). For me, that means I work out my basic overall plot for a book first. I have my characters, I know where they are at the beginning and a basic idea of how the big plot will [...]

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Snippet Saturday – Rescued by her Alien Protector

It's been a long time since I've done a #snippet here on the blog, so I figured it was about time :) Enjoy this snippet from RESCUED BY HER ALIEN PROTECTOR. (Please note, snippet is completely unedited and will probably make my editor cry and remove my internet privileges!) “Seemed you forgot one vital little detail,” Saad swaggered forward arrogantly, obviously enjoying his little moment. “Like the fact we’ve been here a fuckload longer than you have. I know these tunnels, I OWN these tunnels. There ain’t nowhere you can run that I can’t find you. You…” He pointed the shiv he held at Madison. “Are a dead fucking woman walking.” She held herself lightly. Putting her back to Indra’s, she tested her grip on the small hand axe. It was the only weapon she had, but by god, she wasn’t going to go down [...]

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Do you love werewolf books? How about werewolf super soldiers?

Get Your Copy NOW Her scent calls to him. She's his. Now he has to keep her alive. Jack Harper was a soldier, a good one... then the Project decided to play god. Now he has permanent anger management issues and a monster living inside him. Used as a weapon, he's been waiting for a chance to strike back. But the Project are onto him. Ruled unstable, a kill order is passed down on Jack and his squad and they are transferred to St.Margarets. Play-things for the head docs until a bullet to the back of the head deals with them for good. But Jack isn't going down that easily, not when the delicate scent he'd been waiting for all his life wraps around him. The delicate human woman is his mate. And he'll fight anything the Project throws at him to [...]

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