She’s finally free… if she can stay alive.

Freed from marriage to a brutal pixie warlord by his death, Joy knows her life could be counted in weeks… days probably. her husband’s death put a price on her head as every pixie warrior in the city plots to claim her and take her husbands place as Lord. Surviving long after that… yeah, she’s not that stupid. Her only chance is to take down her late husbands criminal empire before they can stop her. Behind bars, she can make sure none of these bastards hurt anyone ever again. But for that, she’s going to need some help…

Help that arrives in the form of PPA operative Nick, a panty-wetting, ripped… actually, she’s not sure what he is. He’s strong, ruthless and might just be her only chance at making it to Christmas alive.

Frost killed his wife, so now Nick’ll take what belongs to him: His daughter.

Since the death of Mrs. Claus thirty years ago, Nicholas Claus has been hunting down Jack Frost to make him pay. The original Santa, he’s not always been the guy in the red suit and working for the PPA allows his… other side out to play. The side that is far older and way more dangerous than the chocolate box image.

When a new case drops Frost’s daughter right into his lap, he can’t believe his luck. All his has to do is put the girl in danger and wait for daddy dearest to show up. But Joy is different, unlike any woman he’s ever known before, and Nick finds putting her in danger is harder than he thought. Posing as her lover is the easiest thing he’s ever done. The hardest? Telling himself that it’s all for show.

But when his enemy finally shows, will Nick take his vengeance for the woman he loved… and lose the woman he loves forever?

Publisher: Mina Carter Audio