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Book Cover: Bear Witchness
Part of the La Fay Chronicles series:

That which does not kill PITA agent Alberta Rheged… better start running. 

One of the Paranormal Investigations (no one knows what the T is for) Agency, big Al is a woman of many talents. A thirtieth generation witch from an illustrious magical family, she can go toe to toe with Gargoyles, tell what kind of coffee someone drinks with one glance and she is absolutely not going to sleep with her partner, even if he is a sexy hunk. 

Because he’s a bear. And the only bear in her life is Mr. Snuggles, her childhood furry companion. 

But when a fairytale curse starts dropping agents like flies, it’s down to the last witch standing to… make a stand, even if she doesn’t know exactly who she is…

Publisher: Mina Carter