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Book Cover: Buying a Mate
Mate a woman for her millions? Sign weredragon Taron Jones up! He didn’t begin life as a mercenary jerk, but being exiled from the clan tends to make a man willing to do a lot to survive. Including mating a human female who isn’t truly his mate. Or is she? Taron’s dragon says the curvaceous female belongs to him. 

River says she only needs the muscular lickable weredragon for a marriage license and nothing else. 

The Browning siblings… They say River will marry this thing over their dead bodies. 

And that is too good of an invitation to ignore. 

Part of the M&M Mating Agency series: 
Wanting a Mate 
Hunting a Mate 
Protecting a Mate 
Buying a Mate

Publisher: Mina Carter