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Book Cover: Captured by the Orc

He says he’s an orc. He says she’s his. She’s still waiting for the TV crew to jump out of the bushes…

After finding her fiancé in the arms of her best friend, Kelly Kingston does the only thing a sensible woman can. She packs a bag and hightails to out of town to lick her wounds in her home town of back of beyondsville. Fate, and her ancient and somewhat cranky car, have other ideas. Stranded on the side of the road, she doesn’t expect to become the bait for a monster chase through the woods nor be rescued by over seven foot of green beefcake. With an axe… and tusks… and a leather loin cloth. 

Convinced she’s tumbled into some kind of weird reality TV show, she goes along with his delusions. All she needs is a ride to the next town so she can call for the cavalry. Only, the makeup on that demonic monster looks way too good, and… maybe, just maybe, the big dude is her only chance of making it out alive. 

Doesn’t hurt that he’s sexy, even if he is green. 

Authors Note: this story was inspired by a previously released novella, but has been rewritten, changed, revised... basically, it's a new book. Enjoy!!

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