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Book Cover: Confetti, Garters, and the Demon Bridezilla

Dad’s still preggers, the wedding planner’s about to have a nervous breakdown over the seating plan and some asshat stole my dress. But, nothings going to stop me getting married…

As Jynx’s big day gets nearer, everything is going to plan. Kinda. Almost. Okay, not at all. Sorting out the guest list is taking more diplomacy than a terse standoff with nuclear-capable nations. Half the guests will happily each the others and that’s just the hell contigent. Plus, no one actually knows the etiquette for seating God and the Devil in the same row.

The seating plan is the least of Jynx’s worries when the dress shop is hit and her custom made gown is stolen. Trying to track down another lands her in a car accident with a polar bear and almost struck off the Anti-christ’s Christmas card list.

What she doesn’t expect is every bride’s worst nightmare… her groom’s ex turning up at the wedding. In HER dress. Forget princess of hell, in a fight for her groom, true love and her pack, ALWAYS bet on a Demon Bridezilla…

Please note: Contains a teenage polar bear, a werewolf princess about to get her comeuppance and more snark than you can shake a stick at. Oh, and God getting mooned by a viking-wearing hellcat.

Publisher: Mina Carter