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Book Cover: Dragon Men do it Better

Sometimes a gal’s gotta go what a gal’s gotta do… even if that involves big girl panties and a very sexy dragon-man…

A bounty hunter with her eyes on the prize, Jenna’s to do list includes making obscene amounts of money, pizza and ice-cream at the weekends, and world domination. It does not include an asshole of a space rat, or a black hole. It especially did not include a planet in the ass end of beyond where everything is out to eat her. Or a sexy alien who she'd really like to-- But, she’s a big girl. She can deal. What she didn’t count on was him…

Stranded on a backwater planet, he’s given up on rescue and his gods. Just. He doesn’t expect the answer to his prayers to be a tiny, soft alien with curves that make his mouth water…

Former favourite of a dead tyrant, Ranaar has been left out to die on a planet so far from the space lanes he might as well be on the edge of the universe. The planet is hostile, everything on it, including the plant-life, predatory. So he fits right in.

When a ship crashes on his planet, he’s not prepared to meet his first human. He’s definitely not prepared for the reaction she invokes in him. But he is prepared to kill to keep her safe.

Publisher: Mina Carter