The most powerful werewolf in the city, she’s proven herself in blood and death… but power is a lonely bedfellow.

As the most powerful werewolf in the city, Reena has to pick a man during the annual choosing and her usual plan just isn't going to cut it this year. This time she really does have to make a choice. Then a handsome alpha asks her for a dance, obviously unaware who she is, and all bets are off...

But her mystery alpha proves more than a pretty face. For one, Archer isn’t a wolf, or he wasn’t until he was infected a few days. Undergoing conversion as an adult is a risky business, especially for a natural alpha, and Reena knows only one way to bring him back from the madness. Her.

But the conversion doesn’t go as planned. Her hot as hell wolf can’t shift properly, and without it, he’s seen as ‘less’ in Lycan society. As such, the Council of Alphas have decided to use his continued presence in Reena’s bed as an excuse to remove her from power. Gearing up for a fight, Reena needs all her wits about her to deal with the council. Until Archer’s shifting problem is revealed as less of a problem, and more of a case of mistaken identity…

He’ll do anything to save his family… even the unthinkable.

Archer isn't a wolf, but he'll be the lamb to the slaughter if it means his younger brother isn't served up on a silver platter to some decrepit old she-wolf. Trouble is, if Seth doesn't go, someone else does... And only Archer is crazy enough to walk into the Mistress's den and pretend to be a wolf...

But there’s wrong with him… and since he can't remember his own name, he's got no idea what it is. All he knows is the fury that inhabits his skin. A fury that is only eased by the little female whose voice and scent soothes the beast inside him. Now if he can just convince her to come closer, maybe he can make her his, and tame the darkness in his blood….

Can Reena face down a couple, a werewolf pack without an alpha, and a hot as hell, definitely NOT wolf intent on making her his as soon as possible.

***Contains bonus novella “Chosen by the Alpha”***

NB: Contains the previously released novellas: Mistress of the City, Tamed by the Mistress, Chosen by the Alpha, The Mistress and the Hellhound & The Mistress takes a Mate. If you have previously purchased these titles, then please do not purchase this book. 

Publisher: Mina Carter