Dad’s preggers, mom’s on the run, and Poseidon is threatening to dump an ocean on my town. Even worse? I have to bake a cake. We’re all gonna die.The town of Boring is anything but when Lucifer’s niece is at home. Living in hawt-sinfulness with her sexy werewolf boyfriend, Lucas, Jynx Morningstar has settled down into a life of domestic bliss.


Instead of the legions of hell, she has to contend with a pack who considers her their alpha female, and want to know when she and Lucas are getting married, the Annual Pack Alpha’s Birthday Party Event Coordinator, and three very inappropriate ghostly grannies.

Things take a turn for the unexpected when her father, the town healer witch, turns out to be pregnant, Jynx’s mom, the infamous Lilleth, shows up, and Poseidon sends his mer-army to exact vengeance.

It’s going to take more than what a princess of hell’s packing to deal with them all, but when the worse happens and someone she loves dies… Jynx might just find out she’s far more than hell-born…

Please note: contains seriously high amounts of snark, a wet pussy (in the bath) and a cross-dressing ghost with a habit of firing toast grenades. Oh, and a confused yeti.

Publisher: Mina Carter