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Book Cover: Reapers at the Gate
Part of the Hellsgate Series series:

Everything comes with a price. Especially love.
Many people have died in Laney’s arms. She’s never once thought about bringing any of them back. Apart from Troy. But he should have died, so now every reaper out there is gunning for him.

She must protect him, and try and figure out what the hell is going on in Liberty before the proverbial hits the fan and they all become demon-chow.
Life begins... after you die.
After surviving a demon attack that should have killed him, Troy is going to live life to the full. But the worst betrayals come from within and when the town becomes ground zero for a demon invasion, he finds out more than one person is keeping secrets…

When the Hellgate opens, Troy and Laney must risk everything to save the world. But will the price be too high... and tear them apart forever?

A Continuing Story: Please be aware that Laney and Troy’s story is a serialized romance (this is the final part). If you’re not a fan of the serial format, please join my mailing list at MinaCarter.com to be informed when a complete bundle is available!


Publisher: Mina Carter