Duty or Love… she can’t have both.

Dragon Queen Cadeyra has been brought up to do her duty, no matter the personal cost. But that doesn’t mean she can’t get a little… inventive.

When a prince from a foreign land visits and she gets wind he intends to court her, Cadeyra needs to get engaged and fast. But who can she ask to be her fake fiancé who won’t let the honor go to his head?

The only person she needs protection from… is him.

Former general, and one of the feared Blacks who police draconic society, Sawyer has always known Cadeyra is his mate. When she starts talking nonsense about pretending to be engaged to throw an ambitious dragon prince off the trail, he knows one thing for sure—the only man she’s getting engaged to… is him.

But events take a turn for the worse when the court is attacked; first by basilisk, then by magic. Someone wants Cadeyra dead.

Can Sawyer get to the bottom of the attacks in time? Or will he lose the only treasure that’s ever mattered to him…

Publisher: Mina Carter