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Book Cover: Wanting a Mate
Curvy Chloe Hall has tried every dating website out there and continues to connect with duds. She's just about given up on finding her "one and only someone" and is seriously pondering simply looking for "good enough." She'll try one more service and then that's it. She's calling it quits and becoming a crazy cat lady.  Maybe minus the crazy, but definitely plus the cats. At the M&M Mating Agency it's all furballs all the time. Chloe doesn't care if her mate howls at the full moon or smells like wet dog after he goes running through the rain. He'll be hers. It's not until she meets the massive, muscular, totally gorgeous Holt that she realizes she really will become a cat lady and he absolutely drives her crazy. She wonders if he purrs...Werecougar Holt Moore can feel his animal getting restless and anxious, craving something that scares the shit outta him. It wants a mate, cubs, and of course a white picket fence. It, apparently, doesn't remember that he's better off alone. Cougars are solitary animals in the wild and that also applies to his human life. His cat is too dominant to tolerate other shifters in his small town and when he's on two legs he towers over every human he comes across. He's big and mean and that's how he likes it. Then he meets Chloe and realizes he needs to add "possessive" and "biggest asshole on the planet" to his list of traits. The first is courtesy of his inner-cat. The second is... Well, not all relationships are smooth sailing.

Publisher: Mina Carter