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Book Cover: Witch on the Case
Part of the La Fay Chronicles series:

Fired from her job, hiding an illegal fae and thrown out of her apartment, the day couldn't get any worse for witch Daffi McGee...

Until apparently, it could.

When a stuck up former co-worker is slaughtered in cold blood, Daffi finds herself framed for murder. She needs to take on the case as an MPI (Magical Private Investigator), stop the real killer and clear her name. All before the authorities find out the sexy fae she might or might not be falling in love with just so happens to be king of the fairies. Causing a diplomatic incident is so not on her to do list.

But when the killer turns their attention to Daffi's friends, it's time to make a stand. She might be from a homely witch family but when the chips are down, the power of the crone rings true...

Publisher: Mina Carter