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Romance, adventure, spectacular world building, and a serendipitous love story that will steal your heart and keep you turning the pages await you in this epic Sci-fi/Paranormal Romance saga. Start the award-winning Chosen Series today.

This collection includes three full-length novels, Books 1-3 of the Chosen Series, as well as two bonus scenes previously only published in limited edition anthologies.


    • Book One: Chosen
    • Book Two: Tribe Outsider
    • Bonus Scene #1 (prev. published in Between The Sheets Anthology)
    • Book Three: Tribe Protector
    • Bonus Scene #2 (prev. published in Halloween Between The Sheets Anthology)

A human colony lost in space.

A century ago, colonists crashed on a distant planet. Technology failed and strange energies caused catastrophic mutations. Now every generation slips away from science, into superstition and darkness.

Solenne survives among the broken relics of the past, trying to protect her family from the mutated beasts that wax and wane with the moon. When her father is seriously injured, she turns to the one man she swore never to speak to again. The man who kissed her, vowed he’d return and broke her heart.

Can this be their second chance?

A man lost to the beast.

Since being bitten and cursed to shift into a werewolf every full moon, Aleksandar has lived in exile.

Until he receives a letter from Solenne, the woman he promised his heart to years ago. She’s the only thread that keeps him anchored in the chaos, the only memory that keeps him sane.

He must protect her from creatures that stalk her family, but how can he protect her from himself?

The monster within him won’t be denied.

The beast will have his bride.


She was a pawn coveted by kings.

From the moment of her birth, Thalia has been groomed to become a Blood Maiden to a vampire. As a human born in one of the colonies of Karthia, Thalia’s extremely rare blood type is her ticket out of the life of poverty and hardship that normally befalls her species. During her first Blood Fair, she intends to entice the Vampire Lord Konstantin into claiming her. But unable to resist an unexpected offer, her long years of hard work and carefully planned future are derailed by a stunning, silver-eyed Lycan named Drogo.

Struck by a rare but deadly illness, King Drogo’s only chance of survival relies on securing some golden blood. Yet, the moment he sees Thalia, the rabid emotions the clever female awakens in him surpass even his thirst for her unique blood. But the Lycan King’s efforts to claim Thalia as his mate revive a century-old rivalry with his nemesis, Konstantin.

As the realm braces for a cataclysmic event, the clash between the two most powerful males of Karthia escalates. Will the battle to claim Thalia bring about her ultimate demise?


A grumpy alien warrior. A pregnant librarian. A ready-made family?

Wanda has never hankered after excitement – or romance. A quiet life as a small town librarian suits her just fine. But while she doesn’t need a man, she does want a child. Just as her hard-earned dreams come true, she is abducted by aliens.

Now she’s been abandoned by her captors and assumed responsibility for two orphaned children, a pregnant alien, and a misplaced socialite. When their lifeboat is intercepted by a very large, very green, and disturbingly attractive alien, she isn’t sure if her situation has gotten better or worse.

Knowing that his race is doomed, Mganak has built a peaceful, solitary life for himself. When the lifeboat he salvages turns out not to be deserted after all, he is determined to pass on the responsibility for its inhabitants – no matter how much the curvy little female and her brood arouse his protective instincts.

But Wanda’s alien captors are hot on their trail, his ship is damaged, and the more time he spends with Wanda, the less he wants to let her leave. Could it be that his quiet life is not so perfect after all?