Vampire’s Kiss

Death meets the undead and sparks will fly…

Valkyrie warrioress Tove has spent all her long life ushering the souls of the worthy to Valhalla. It’s not an easy job. For a lot of the big, bad and ugly of the paranormal variety out there, a soul makes a tasty snack. She’s fought demons and evil of all types to make sure the souls she’s trusted to protect get where they need to go. And she’s damn good at it… so much so, her reputation amongst her sisters precedes her. She’s the Widow, a valkyrie who gets the job done, no matter what.

Until she gets caught in a demon’s trap powered by valkyrie blood, the blood of one of her sisters, and comes face to face with that most seductive of creatures; a vampire earl. 
She should shred his ribcage and rip his dead heart out… not give into the urge to kiss him senseless. But tall, blonde and fangy is more than he’s letting on, and she needs to find out what, and where he’s keeping her sister captive, preferably before her traitorous feminine instincts have her giving in to his kiss…

Dead and something…else, all his life he’s been at war with himself. 

A born vampire, Zane is mad, bad and dangerous… feared by all vampirekind in the city, probably the continent. The youngest vampire earl in living memory, he’s also the most powerful of his kind he’s ever encountered.

But he has a secret… darkness lurks within him, deeper that the black blood of a vampire. Darkness and power that scares even him.

Until her… When one of his minions manages to trap a valkyrie, Zane knows his days of running are over. Just one look at the beautiful warrioress heats his blood and wakes something darker within. He has to have her, even if claiming her means all his secrets come to light.

But someone would really prefer it if their happily ever after was a happily never after, and they’re prepared to kill to get their way.

When his love’s life is on the line, will Zane face his own demons to save her life?

*This book was previously published as part of the "Taming the Vampire" boxed set and has not been altered in any way.*

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Mistress of Wolves

The most powerful werewolf in the city, she’s proven herself in blood and death… but power is a lonely bedfellow.

As the most powerful werewolf in the city, Reena has to pick a man during the annual choosing and her usual plan just isn't going to cut it this year. This time she really does have to make a choice. Then a handsome alpha asks her for a dance, obviously unaware who she is, and all bets are off...

But her mystery alpha proves more than a pretty face. For one, Archer isn’t a wolf, or he wasn’t until he was infected a few days. Undergoing conversion as an adult is a risky business, especially for a natural alpha, and Reena knows only one way to bring him back from the madness. Her.

But the conversion doesn’t go as planned. Her hot as hell wolf can’t shift properly, and without it, he’s seen as ‘less’ in Lycan society. As such, the Council of Alphas have decided to use his continued presence in Reena’s bed as an excuse to remove her from power. Gearing up for a fight, Reena needs all her wits about her to deal with the council. Until Archer’s shifting problem is revealed as less of a problem, and more of a case of mistaken identity…

He’ll do anything to save his family… even the unthinkable.

Archer isn't a wolf, but he'll be the lamb to the slaughter if it means his younger brother isn't served up on a silver platter to some decrepit old she-wolf. Trouble is, if Seth doesn't go, someone else does... And only Archer is crazy enough to walk into the Mistress's den and pretend to be a wolf...

But there’s wrong with him… and since he can't remember his own name, he's got no idea what it is. All he knows is the fury that inhabits his skin. A fury that is only eased by the little female whose voice and scent soothes the beast inside him. Now if he can just convince her to come closer, maybe he can make her his, and tame the darkness in his blood….

Can Reena face down a couple, a werewolf pack without an alpha, and a hot as hell, definitely NOT wolf intent on making her his as soon as possible.

***Contains bonus novella “Chosen by the Alpha”***

NB: Contains the previously released novellas: Mistress of the City, Tamed by the Mistress, Chosen by the Alpha, The Mistress and the Hellhound & The Mistress takes a Mate. If you have previously purchased these titles, then please do not purchase this book. 

Publisher: Mina Carter
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His Lion Queen

Her debt means the King owns her body... her heart is a different matter. Or is it?

In order to pay off her debt, Zara shares cagefighter Logan Reese's bed...or rather a wall in the locker rooms or the back seat of the alpha werelion's limo, since actual beds don't feature large in their arrangement. She tells herself it's just business, that she's not his property, not really. It's just a short term arrangement. She doesn't want more. Honest…

He should set her free… but he can’t.

Logan Reese can’t abide thieves, so when one of his club managers runs off with money that belongs to him, he’s all for breaking bones and asking questions later. Until he see’s her. Zara Hunter is a delectably curvy little bundle, strength and delicate femininity wrapped up in one irresistible package. Logan is anything but a saint, and he has a few ideas about how she can pay off her debt to him…
Werelions are fiercely possessive and territorial, and none more so than Logan. An alpha through and through, he’s staked his claim to Zara, and he’s not letting go. She’s his woman and he’ll fight to the death for her. When a spectre rises from her past to destroy any chance of happiness, he’ll have to…

**This is a boxed set of ALL the Logan Reese, King of the Ring, books. If you own these titles individually, DO NOT purchase this book.**

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Her Wolf Billionaire

Eva is screwed. Maybe. Okay, definitely. And in a bad, not a good, way. 

Her trouble-magnet little brother has gone and gotten involved with vampires...and the deal's gone bad. Now he owes them and their repayment plan involves dead bodies rather than monthly payments. Which means Eva has no choice but to approach the last person she ever wanted to for help. Alex. Her older, hot, ex-cousin from her mother's short-lived fourth marriage. He's also a billionaire. Hot, ripped, wealthy... Oh, yeah, and an alpha werewolf.

There's just one problem. Alex Kingwood never does anything without a price...

One weekend, that's all he'd thought he needed. Now a lifetime won't be enough...

Alex has Eva, the woman he's lusted after for years. Sex. That's what he'd told himself was what he needed. He'd get her own from under his skin and get rid of her. But when someone else has issues with their arrangement, and Alex finds himself making the hardest choice of his life. Save her, kill her, or condemn her to a fate worse than death?

If she's not a wolf, she can't be his...

Biting Eva to save her life was a mistake Alex can't regret, but pack law states he has to let her go if her wolf doesn't manifest. But when Eva's wolf seems non-existent, he has to distance himself from her, send her away, but he can't. Add in a deal he doesn't want to make with the local vampires, and Alex is ready to cut loose and deal with some issues with his claws and teeth...

But pack law rules absolute and a challenge is issued that could destroy their future before it begins...

**NB: This book contains the previously released novellas: Taken by the Billionaire Werewolf, Turned by the Billionaire Werewolf and Mated to the Billionaire Werewolf. If you already own these titles, please do not purchase this book.**

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Her Cursed Wolves

Nat was warned to stay away from the Manor on the hill. She was warned about the stone wolves that protected their village...warned that women who caught their eye were known to go missing.

Did she listen? Hell no. Why should she listen to old wives tales when no one had seen the Langdon Wolves, the last of their line, for years? They were probably dead by now, and even if they weren't she wasn't a werewolf. Not really. Her family had been human since her great-great grandmother's time.
But wolves are long-lived, particularly the Stone-Wolf Langdon alphas. When she steps onto Langdon land, she finds out the punishment for trespassing is more than she bargained for…

Bound by a curse centuries ago, the Langdon wolves are stone by day and men by night. To free them, they need one special woman. A female ready to love them both, body and soul.

Now, after long years, they’ve found her. Nat is the woman they need, and after a hot night together, they know she’s more than woman enough for both of them. They’ve found their Lady, but can they convince her to stay?

Nat’s thought of nothing else but her two wolves since she trespassed on Langdon land and discovered the delicious consequences. Now she’s back to claim her men… But will their happiness be shattered before it really begins, or is Nat wolf enough to stand down a witch’s curse?

NB: This book contains the previously published stories Lords of the Hill and Claiming their Lady. If you already own these stories, please do not purchase this title.

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Master of Wolves

There were men, there were wolves… then there was the Master of Wolves.

Offered to the Master of the city as her pack’s midwinter tribute, Cyan expected a night of sore feet and avoiding small talk as the Master, the most eligible Alpha in the city, made his choice from among the offerings. Older, plumper and a non-shifting wolf, she doesn’t expect that choice to be her… but then, she doesn’t expect Veyr. Brilliant, ruthless and all alpha, he’s decided that she’s his and he’ll do anything, even defy the council, to claim her.

She was everything he wanted, and everything he didn’t deserve.

Veyr has fought for everything he has. From growing up on the streets, he’s risen to become Master of the City wolves, the ‘king’ of Lycan royalty within it’s walls. But one thing is missing… a mate to share it all with. The instant he spots Cyan, all that changes. Tiny, curvy and full of fire, she was born to be by his side, and in his bed.

Outmaneuvering the council and his political allies is just the start. When an underhand move by a rival loses him the woman he loves, can Veyr save her, or will everything he loves be lost under his enemies claws?

NB: includes the previously published novellas: Master of the City, The Master's Woman, The Captain of the Guard, Mated to the Master, Submitting to the Captain, The Captain's Challenge, The Master's Baby & Master's Retribution. Please do not purchase if you have already bought these stories. 

Publisher: Mina Carter
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