Alien AI’s Marine

She never wanted a body. Until she met her human marine.

One of the most advanced AI’s in the empire, Keris is used to being so much more than any biological could dream of. She never expected that saving a lone human would lead to her taking physical form…

But a new form comes with a whole host of new problems. She’s gone from being able to run a ship single-handed to struggling to co-ordinate her own two legs. And when Jay is around, her new brain quits functioning. All she can think about is the handsome human, and what his lips would feel like on hers…

He's the lone human male in a sea of lethal alien warriors. He's either gifted or suicidal...

Kidnapped by aliens, rescued, and now on a secret base in a system he can't even pronounce, Major Jay Stephens has given up on a wing and a prayer... he's now on kicking butt and taking names. Especially when it comes to the alien AI who's risked everything, even her 'life' to protect him.

The only problem... she's gone and gotten herself a body. Beautiful and delicate, she evokes reactions in him that should be illegal. The REAL problem? An AI in physical form is totally illegal and against just about every law in Latharian society. Which means lots of lethal aliens want to kill it, and by extension, his AI.

And that’s going to be a problem. Because Jay thinks… no, he knows he's in love with her, and no little (large) green (totally not green) men are going to draanth up the best thing he ever had...

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Alien Paladin’s Redemption

She knew aliens existed. She didn’t expect them to be so damn HOT!

Indra has survived the worse human society can throw at her. Being rescued by aliens was the last thing she expected.

Now a guest of the latharian empire, she’s looking forward to eating her bodyweight in chocolate cake and creating her very own army out of the ship’s cleaning bots. What she didn’t expect was a stuffed-shirt paladin of a second officer, or the fact she’d find his freaky level of control so fascinating and sexy.

Sent on a ‘road trip’ to recover an experimental artificial intelligence unit, she’s stuck in a shuttle with her by the book, alien warrior. Determined to get under his skin, she discovers that beneath all that controlled restraint, her alien paladin is the sexiest alpha hero…

Can she play the game, without losing her heart? Or will she succumb to the passion of her alien paladin?

He seeks redemption for his sins. Love and a mate are not on the cards…

An atoned warrior with the scars of his shame marked in his skin, Nyek S’Vaan doesn’t expect be anything more than a garrison officer somewhere in to the outer reaches. Until a surprise assignment on the empire’s newest war cruiser brings him in contact with rare human females.

They are as fascinating as they are beautiful, even if one, Indra, drives him to distraction. When she is almost killed aboard, desperate measures are called for. A top secret mission gets the humans away from the ship, but then puts them in danger from pirates.

When Indra is taken, Nyek must face the shame of his past. He must face his demons and be prepared to kill to bring back the woman he loves, even if it means sacrificing himself in the process…

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Kissed by the Alien Mercenary

Woken by a kiss, she didn’t expect her prince to be a handsome alien warrior.

After being ill for months Lizzie Kalson wakes to a world she doesn’t recognize. Literally. That’s because it’s the home planet for an alien empire. Now she has to contend with the fact her sister is an alien princess and the hot as hell alien warrior whose deep, gravelly voice haunts her dreams. She should keep a level head but something about him makes her want to forget all about the differences between their species and wish for her own fairytale romance...

Born with nothing, his honor is all he has. And he’d leave it all behind because of love...

Saal has always had to fight for everything he has, including his place at the Healer’s Hall. Seen as a punishment by most, he doesn’t care. Not when it allows him to be close to the beautiful Lady Lizzie.

He’s determined to make her his, but the cost is higher than he expected when cultural differences raise their ugly heads. Perhaps humans and lathar don’t get a happily ever after…But when Lizzie’s life is on the line, can Saal look past his heartbreak and save the only female he’s ever loved?

PLEASE NOTE: This title was previously included in the LOVED IN SPACE anthology, and has been minorly expanded and edited for re-release.

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Rescued by her Alien Protector

Prepared to put her life on the line, she didn’t expect to lose her heart.

Vice President Madison Cole is used to having a target on her back. Being captured by aliens? An acceptable risk to get what she needs. What she didn’t count on was falling for the ‘enemy’, a handsome alien warrior with a hero’s heart.

Before they can have their happily ever after though, she must return home one last time…

He’s been loyal to the empire all his life. Will he betray everything he knows to save the woman he loves?

Danaar K’Vass is on the brink of gaining everything he’s ever wanted. A position as War Commander in the Latharian Empire and a mate, the beautiful human female, Madison Cole.

But enemies conspiring in the shadows mean Madison is taken from him, and thrown in a brutal human prison, he faces an impossible choice….

Break his vows to the empire and risk an intergalactic war… or lose his mate forever.

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Alien Surgeon’s Seduction

She was his the moment she stepped aboard. He'll fight everyone, even the emperor himself, to keep her...

Like most Lathar, First Healer Isan K'Vass didn't expect to ever find his mate. The genetic plague that had ravaged their race meant they had no females, and his tainted bloodline meant he would be last in line for one of the rare human females. Or it should.

Until a human combat team boards the Veral’vias and he see's HER. Flame haired. Curvy. Dangerous. And all his, if the secrets in his blood don't tear them apart first...

Aliens should not be hot. At all. Not ever.

Shannon Taylor had one thing on her mind when she boarded the alien vessel. Her mission. But no plan survives first contact with the enemy and her rescue mission goes sideways quicker than a cat on a hot tin roof. Finding herself the prisoner of the Lathar, and one, hot as hades healer in particular, she needs to keep her wits about her if she's ever going to get herself the hell of this alien ship.

However, the Lathar aren't as bad as she'd been told and it's all she can do to remember that Isan, her sexy healer, is the enemy. Only he's not, he kisses like a dream, and they end up on the same side on a mission into dangerous territory to root out an enemy to both their people.

But treachery lurks in the shadows and when Shannon is betrayed, will her warrior reach her in time. Or is their happily-ever-after over before it could begin?

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Hitched to the Alien General

Her perfect man is a big, scarred alien war hero. Pity he only see’s her as a warrior, not a woman...Kenna Reynolds loves life in the Imperial Court. The latharian culture fascinates her, and she values the friendships she’s made amongst the sentinel women, most bonded to Latharian males, and a few with babies on the way. She wants that, but the male she wants—Xaandril, the emperor’s champion—barely seems to notice her as a woman. As a warrior yes, but she’s begun to lose all hope that he’ll ever see her as a woman...

She was his the moment he saw her. But how can he claim her when he’s less than half a warrior?

After losing his family years ago Xaandril, the emperor’s champion, never thought he’d find love again. When the first humans are discovered to be compatible, Xaan decides to leave finding a mate among them to younger males. But one of the humans, Kenna, won’t give up on him, not even when he’s grievously inured in battle.

It takes seeing her dancing with another warrior to get his ass into gear, but before he can claim her unusual readings in a far flung terran system have them heading on on a mission for the Emperor himself.

What they find is a disturbing debris field, a colony with more secrets than members and a hidden enemy. Can Xaan beat them all to save the woman he loves, or will he lose everything, including his heart, once again?

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Bonded to the Alien Centurion

Behind ‘enemy lines’ the last thing she expects is a sexy alien warrior determined to make her his…

When things screw up in diplomatic talks with the Lathar Dani Black finds herself lined up for the one thing every dyed in the wool soldier dreads… a diplomatic function. Alone on the Lathar ship without backup, she must play nice, rescue a VIP and somehow get them both back to her own ship without causing a diplomatic incident that could result in the annihilation of the human race.

The problem is one sexy as hell alien warrior. Tall, silver-haired and handsome, he’s her escort for the evening and makes her want things she certainly shouldn’t want from an alien, no matter how sexy he is. But then a conversation goes bad, and she finds herself in an alien challenge circle fighting for her freedom. It’s all going well, until her sexy alien steps into the ring…

The moment he saw her, he swore he’d make the beautiful human woman his mate.

Sardaan is the envy of his shipmates when he’s assigned by the emperor to escort a visiting human dignitary for a diplomatic function. But that’s not all he’s been assigned to do… under orders to seduce the beautiful human woman at any costs, Sardaan is more than happy to do his duty.

Things take a turn for the unexpected when a simple display of combat prowess becomes a challenge fight. Sardaan must step into the ring against the woman he yearns for her and claim her before he loses her forever to another. But, once he’s beaten her and claimed her in the eyes of his people, he realises his battle has only just begun.

Can he make his delicate but stubborn little mate see they have a future? Or will forces conspire in the shadows and steal any chance of happiness they have before it’s even begun?

Sparks fly in this latest red-hot sci-fi romance in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Mina Carter’s Warriors of the Lathar series.

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Alien Commander’s Mate

Alone. Ill. She’ll do anything to find her kids

Both her children taken by the Lathar and her home destroyed in the process, Amanda Kallson is at her wits end and desperate. With nothing left to tie her to Earth, she’ll do anything to track down her daughters… even take an alien warriors crazy deal.

It doesn’t hurt that said alien warrior is tall, ripped and as handsome as hell. But Fenriis isn’t the only warrior who has eyes for Amanda and while her ferocious mate is busy fighting off an outside enemy, it’s one within who may steal their happily ever after before it even gets started.

Small. Exquisite. He’ll risk the wrath of the Emperor himself to make her his.

It was supposed to be a quick in and out mission. After an attack on Earth, a planet no non-native was supposed to set foot on, Fenriis is forced to go down to the surface to make sure no enemy forces remain. But when he hears a woman crying, begging for help… from her gods, sure, but in their absence, he offers his aid. She’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, and all she wants is to find her children. Since they’re on his planet, how can he refuse to help… especially when she agrees to be his mate in return?

But, in Latharian society, sometimes it’s not the enemy you can see you need to watch out for. Sometimes the worst attack comes from the last place you’d expect. Forced to fight off her people and his… can he find her before it’s too late?

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Adored by the Alien Assassin

She’s a nurse, not a spaceship pilot. And why are aliens so damned hot?

Nurse Jac’s life is boring. It certainly doesn’t include aliens, unless they’re on TV. But then the shit hits the fan and she finds herself on an alien ship with her charge frozen into a giant blue ice cube.

What’s a girl to do? Kiss the hot alien, then knock him out of course. The problem is, she can’t drive a car, never mind fly an alien spaceship. Which is a problem when hostile aliens board the ship…

Go to earth. Find a woman. Bring her back. Simple.

Rynn is an assassin. Normally. Now it seems he’s a delivery boy. Sent to earth to retrieve a sick female, he’s anticipating an easy trip. If he spends a little time getting to know the local culture… well, that’s just a perk of the job. Right?

Human females are fascinating, especially Jac, the sick female’s nurse. He’d thought the warriors who’d fallen for humans had defective genes. But Jac is something else. Tiny. Delicate. Beautiful. HIS.

When an attack puts them in danger, he escapes earth with not one, but two human females in his care. What could possibly go wrong? Apparently… everything.

Publisher: Mina Carter
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Alien Healers baby (Slice of life story)

He’s the first father in decades. He has NO clue what he’s doing. 

Laarn, Lord Healer of the Lathar, is about to become something unique among his people. He’s about to become a father… of a little girl. The first female child born for a generation. He’s studied childbirth, he’s confident that he has everything planned.

Unfortunately, as any human female could tell him if he’d bothered to ask, having a baby doesn’t always go to plan…

This short story is set in the WARRIORS OF THE LATHAR world and is not a stand alone. It should be read after PREGNANT BY THE ALIEN HEALER.

Publisher: Mina Carter
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