It's been a long time since I've done a #snippet here on the blog, so I figured it was about time 🙂 Enjoy this snippet from RESCUED BY HER ALIEN PROTECTOR. (Please note, snippet is completely unedited and will probably make my editor cry and remove my internet privileges!)

“Seemed you forgot one vital little detail,” Saad swaggered forward arrogantly, obviously enjoying his little moment. “Like the fact we’ve been here a fuckload longer than you have. I know these tunnels, I OWN these tunnels. There ain’t nowhere you can run that I can’t find you. You…” He pointed the shiv he held at Madison. “Are a dead fucking woman walking.”

She held herself lightly. Putting her back to Indra’s, she tested her grip on the small hand axe. It was the only weapon she had, but by god, she wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

“Oh… my… god,” a voice announced from somewhere in the darkness. “As threats go, that is just fucking confusion. Now, is she a dead woman fucking… or a dead woman walking… because, I mean, admittedly I’m no anatomy expert, but there does seem to be a slight problem, mechanically speaking, with her being both walking and fucking at the same time. Or dead come to think of it.”

Prepared to put her life on the line, she didn’t expect to lose her heart.

Vice President Madison Cole is used to having a target on her back. Being captured by aliens? An acceptable risk to get what she needs. What she didn’t count on was falling for the ‘enemy’, a handsome alien warrior with a hero’s heart.

Before they can have their happily ever after though, she must return home one last time…

He’s been loyal to the empire all his life. Will he betray everything he knows to save the woman he loves?

Danaar K’Vass is on the brink of gaining everything he’s ever wanted. A position as War Commander in the Latharian Empire and a mate, the beautiful human female, Madison Cole.

But enemies conspiring in the shadows mean Madison is taken from him, and thrown in a brutal human prison, he faces an impossible choice….

Break his vows to the empire and risk an intergalactic war… or lose his mate forever.