It's been a long time since I've done a #snippet here on the blog, so I figured it was about time šŸ™‚ Enjoy this snippet from RESCUED BY HER ALIEN PROTECTOR. (Please note, snippet is completely unedited and will probably make my editor cry and remove my internet privileges!)

ā€œSeemed you forgot one vital little detail,ā€ Saad swaggered forward arrogantly, obviously enjoying his little moment. ā€œLike the fact weā€™ve been here a fuckload longer than you have. I know these tunnels, I OWN these tunnels. There ainā€™t nowhere you can run that I canā€™t find you. Youā€¦ā€ He pointed the shiv he held at Madison. ā€œAre a dead fucking woman walking.ā€

She held herself lightly. Putting her back to Indraā€™s, she tested her grip on the small hand axe. It was the only weapon she had, but by god, she wasnā€™t going to go down without a fight.

ā€œOhā€¦ myā€¦ god,ā€ a voice announced from somewhere in the darkness. ā€œAs threats go, that is just fucking confusion. Now, is she a dead woman fuckingā€¦ or a dead woman walkingā€¦ because, I mean, admittedly Iā€™m no anatomy expert, but there does seem to be a slight problem, mechanically speaking, with her being both walking and fucking at the same time. Or dead come to think of it.ā€

Prepared to put her life on the line, she didnā€™t expect to lose her heart.

Vice President Madison Cole is used to having a target on her back. Being captured by aliens? An acceptable risk to get what she needs. What she didnā€™t count on was falling for the ā€˜enemyā€™, a handsome alien warrior with a heroā€™s heart.

Before they can have their happily ever after though, she must return home one last timeā€¦

Heā€™s been loyal to the empire all his life. Will he betray everything he knows to save the woman he loves?

Danaar Kā€™Vass is on the brink of gaining everything heā€™s ever wanted. A position as War Commander in the Latharian Empire and a mate, the beautiful human female, Madison Cole.

But enemies conspiring in the shadows mean Madison is taken from him, and thrown in a brutal human prison, he faces an impossible choice….

Break his vows to the empire and risk an intergalactic warā€¦ or lose his mate forever.