Guess what? It's #snippetsaturday again! Here's a little something from Her Cyborg Mates!
“Delicate? Yes. Compared to me, you are,” he murmured, and she found herself pinned by his darkened gaze. “And I like that… I really like that, Cael. I like you, just the way you are.”
“But why?” She tilted her head to look at him, her insecurities coming to the fore. “I’m not as pretty as any Gemini and apparently child’s play to seduce.”
He didn’t laugh, his expression serious and focused.
“Who told you that?” His voice was a low rumble. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen… and easy to seduce?”
He offered her a small, rare smile, his thumb sliding over her lower lip as he leaned in.
His breath whispered over the side of her neck as he cupped the other side in a big hand. “If that were the case, sweetheart, I’d have had you in my bed months ago.”