He’s been loyal to the empire all his life. Will he betray everything he knows to save the woman he loves?

To celebrate sending this off to my editor finally, this week's snippet is again from RESCUED BY HER ALIEN PROTECTOR. (Please note, snippet is completely unedited and will probably contain things that will make editors cry!) Draanth. As a move to get them all grouped together, it was slick and impressive, one even Danaar hadn’t seen coming. But not as impressive as the heavy pistols the human had managed to produce out of seemingly nowhere. Sparky caught Danaar’s eye and smiled. “Chameleon holsters. When you absolutely, positively do not want anyone to know the heat you’re packing. I’d have one built into a jock strap but… you know, that would be false advertising and I wouldn’t wanna scare anyone.” Danaar had no idea what a jock strap was, but the less than subtle jerk of the other male’s hips left him in no doubt as [...]