So, in the one of the last of our interviews for the LOVED IN SPACE anthology, I got a chat with Eve Langlais about her book in the anthology, MATE ABDUCTION.

Tell me about your hero? What’s he like? What’s he want most out of life?

He is looking for his mate because bonding with her is the only thing that can save his people.

When you’re writing, what’s your favourite muse fuel? Coffee? Cookies?

COFFEE! It’s my morning fuel. After lunch, it’s water with zero calorie iced tea added to it. I know, the excitement is just killing you.

Is this book part of a series? Tell us about your series…

This story is actually part of my ever popular Alien Abduction series. It came to my attention that I had some orphans rescued in book 3 that were never dealt with. I thought it was time we heard their story.

How would your hero/heroine finish this statement? – When all else fails…

Kill it.

How would your heroine describe herself?

A kick ass human who won’t let anyone, even aliens, push her around.

Check out the rest of Eve's book on her website at:

Sometimes love comes with a tail.

Clarabelle might have been kidnapped from Earth years ago but she never forgot her roots. Her restlessness leads to her embarking on a quest to find a human colony. Instead, she encounters an alien dude who insists she’s his mate.
Ha. As if she’s going to settle down.
Clarabelle isn’t about to take orders from anyone. Not even the alien hottie who has a disturbing tendency of shifting into a giant lizardman. Her idea of a happily ever after doesn’t include a tail or glowing yellow eyes.
What will it take for her to accept his love and become his fated mate?
PS: This book finally shows us what happened to orphan Clarabelle, whom you originally met in Dual Abduction.