I am the first to admit, I am REALLY bad at remembering to do reviews. I love reading, so I really should do this more. Anyway, today's review is for Operation Fury, by Susan Hayes. Now, not only is Susan one of my favourite peeps in the world, but she writes AWESOME books.

Operation Fury is the third book in the Nova Force series and follows Eric and Nyx. Eric's a bad boy cyberjockey now on the straight and narrow and Nyx is a badass cyborg designed to kill.

To start off with, Susan's world building is second to none. I absolutely love the world of the Drift and Nova Force. Her settings and locations are so vividly drawn that you literally can imagine yourself there. Hell, I'd move there in a heartbeat!

The story follows Eric as he attempts to fulfil a promise he made to someone he cared about, to find her sister Nyx and free her from her captors. Even with very little to go on, he keeps going, and his determination to keep that promise AND stay on the straight and narrow (not falling off into the seriously murky world he used to inhabit) is wonderful. But that's not to say he's all goody-two-shoes, he has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to getting what he wants and not just with Nyx, who blows his mind in all the best ways.

Nyx for her part is wonderfully drawn and you can feel her struggle leaping off the page there. She wants… needs revenge, but she needs love as well, even if she won't admit it to herself. Seeing these two struggle toward love is beautiful. As is the bit where Eric totally screws up and needs to put things right (spoilers sweetie, so I won't tell you anymore. You'll have to read!)

All in all, even though Susan's books are a one-click for me, Operation Fury is a 5 star, highly recommended read! Go buy today and get addicted to this world!

She’s fighting for survival. He’s fighting for her soul.

Nyx was created to be the perfect killer, with death and violence encoded in her DNA. After years of tests, torments, and trials designed to push her to her breaking point, she’s survived by focusing on one thing –revenge.

Nova Force investigator Eric Erben lost someone he cared about. Now he’s on a mission to fulfill her last request – free her sister from the shadowy group holding her captive. Rescuing Nyx from her captors is the easy part. Saving her from herself will be a battle only love can win.