So today I have the pleasure of interviewing one of my favourite people in the world. If we weren't different sides of the pond, then Susan and I would be joined at the hip and if you like my writing, you'll LOVE hers (I certainly do!!). Today we managed to get time to sit down and talk about CHANCE OF A LIFETIME, which is Susan's story in the LOVED IN SPACE anthology out in March 2020!!

So…Susan, tell us about your hero?

My hero, Erik, has been quietly lurking in the background of my Drift series almost from the first book. He’s adopted the Nova Club and the people who work there as his home and family, and he’d do anything to protect them. Like many who come to the Drift, he has a past he doesn’t talk about. His friends would say he’s fun, flirtatious, and a good man to have at your side when things go sideways. (And at the Nova Club, sideways is a way of life.)

What’s your favourite line from the story and why?

She paused for a moment, sifting through the data and calculating the odds she was correct. Seventy-two percent. She’d have to clarify. “Are you asking me out?”

This is one of my favourite lines.  My heroine, Chance, isn’t good with people. She’s better with numbers, so when Erik asks to go to dinner with him, she runs the numbers and still can’t be sure that’s what’s happening. Her learning how to deal with people, good and bad, is part of her story arc.

How would your hero/heroine finish this statement? – When all else fails…

Erik would say that when all else fails, take cover and start shooting.

What’s your favourite muse fuel?

Coffee in the mornings and diet cola in the afternoons.

Is this book part of a series? Tell us about it…

Chance of a Lifetime is part of the Drift Series, a world where cyborgs and aliens live side by side with humans – and everything is available, if the price is right.  This series is about a group of cyborgs and their friends finding love and hope while fighting for a future free of corporate control.

What’s your hero’s drink of choice?

Star furies, a speciality drink served only at the Nova Club.

What’s your hero’s idea of a perfect first date?

There aren’t a lot of options for date locations on a space station, but Erik thought he’d picked the perfect spot – a sim-pod program that had everything: a romantic setting, a picnic for two, and a locking door. Too bad things didn’t go according to plan…

Check out more about the Drift Series over on Susan's Website!!

No risk. No reward.

Erik O’Neill has finally stopped looking for trouble. Now, trouble’s come looking for him. After years of cage fighting, Erik is ready to step away from the Nova Club’s fight ring and into a new role – security for the club he calls home. All his plans change when a lovely loner starts visiting the club, and he finds himself caught between the need to safeguard his home and his friends and his desire to protect the woman laying claim to his heart.

Chance is a cyborg with a secret. If the wrong people find her, she’ll lose her shot at having the life she dreams of – or any life at all. She’s come to the Drift looking for allies, but when she meets Erik, she discovers he can offer her more than safety. He’s her chance at happiness, too. When time runs out, she’ll have to make a choice that will change her life forever – keep running, or turn to the one man her heart tells her she can trust.